Actively curious about business, tech, politics, economics and Data Science.

Who am I?

I am Juan Esteban Serna Vega. I was born in Medellin (Colombia) in the 90s.

During my childhood I lived with my mother’s family in a country town in west Antioquia. The main economic activity for the family was a coffee farm; while my mother and a couple of her sisters worked as teachers at elementary and high schools in the town.

I love music since I was a kid. Back then I used to play triumph. I was also part of a marching band (percussion). However, my dreams disappeared soon due to an expansion in our daily school hours.

During my adolescence I stayed with my father’s family. I went to the university in Medellin. Years later, I started as intern at a global steel producer. I worked there for almost seven years.

Working for someone else is an experience I usually recommend since it allows to develop collaboration for you’re usually part of a team. In addition, it might help you structure your thoughts, give you some knowledge, expertise and the opportunity of learning from other people’s experiences.

Juan Esteban Serna Vega

Location: Centro Industrial Ternium – Pesquería, Nuevo León, Mexico.

Special memories

One special moment for me was in 2017. After some weeks in the Young Professionals program, sharing with more than 60 trainees from all the countries the company had presence on, the members of that cohort granted me the award of Global Business Vision.

Location: Centro Nova – Monterrey, Mexico.

Academic interests

I really enjoy studying, reading and learning from business, politics and economics. Currently, I’m exploring the world of technology. It’s been an amazing journey so far! I’m particularly interested in Data Science and related subjects. I am also considering apply for a Master’s degree.


More about Juan Esteban Serna Vega…

I have lived in Sopetran (Antioquia), Medellin and LA.

Universities I’ve attended: National University of Colombia – Medellin,  and University of Southern California. Short courses at IPADE and Monterrey Tech.

I love traveling. I find special joy visiting museums and universities, and getting to know the locals.

Regularly, sports and exercises have a time in my day. Cycling, running and swimming are my favorites. I have fun playing tennis, but I must admit I am not good at it (sadly). Golf and billiards are in my “to do/learn”. Volley and Basketball just for fun.

Location: entrada al Túnel de la Quiebra (Túnel Iván Duque Escobar).

Aside from studying, I like to spend a time reading biographies, history, politics and novels. I like watching movies (cinema or at home). Not a videogames guy, just cars, motorcycles and soccer videogames. I also like to cook!

Location: The Last Bookstore. Los Angeles, CA.

Yes, I know, I should do something with science fiction (books and movies) and adventure video games.

I’m learning German and I would like to learn Italian and French.